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Hi... I am currently using a Logitech K780 keyboard & Logitech Master 2s mouse for both work and gaming.


I have one of the logitech unifying receivers plugged into my work laptop and another in my home gaming rig. This allows me to simply press a button on the keyboard, flip a switch on the mouse to move between each system (I also have my iPad connected via Bluetooth)... all-in-all a very useful and workable setup.


BUT ... they ain’t Corsair, they ain’t gaming devices and they ain’t RGB :D:


So I’m looking at getting a new mouse (for starters) and have been looking at the Dark Core RGB Pro. But I’d prefer it if it could be used across my work & gaming PCs.


I know that there is a Slipstream multi-device Beta to allow multiple devices to connect to one receiver... but I don’t believe this allows 1 device (i.e. mouse) to connect to two different receivers/ PCs.


Can anybody confirm if this is possible? ..... or offer a solution that provides the ease / simplicity of the Logitech’s? (I don’t really want to go KVM).

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