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New 680X Build w/ Mixed LL120 and QL140


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Hey gang,


Sorry for the noob question but after a lot of research... I figured I come to check my work if possible with the RGB gurus!


Long story short...


So I just picked up a 680X case along with a Commander Pro and additional LL140 and 2x QL140 Fans. The goal was to use the LL140 for rear exhaust and the QL140’s for the top exhaust (or bottom intake if I decided to get a AIO down the road). I’ve read a tone of threads about not mixing RGB fans and needing different RGB nodes but I was wondering if both nodes can used on the Commander Pro and still connect all my fans to it as well?


I’m half tempted to order 2 more QL140s for the front to keep from sweating the mix and match headache but I also don’t want to waste additional money if I’m able to make what I got work.


I have created 2 diagrams that I think fit my requirements but I was hoping for some feedback and if there was any advantage in either. IE: future upgrade options with AIO and LED Strips.







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Because the Lighting Node Core that comes with the QL has it's own internal lighting controller, you have a fair amount of flexibility here. You can go up to 6 LL or 6 QL in any combination. The "RGB Lighting Hub" for the LL will use the Commander's RGB 1 channel. The Core device can use any USB 2 connection - straight to the motherboard or Commander passthrough. The QL won't use a RGB channel and you will have one left over for strips or whatever.


As for balance, each device (Core QL and Commander LL) will act like a separate unit. You will need to program both devices for lighting. If you are interested in sequential 'round the case' kind of effects and patterns, you likely want to keep 6 of one and 2 of the other. The 2 would go bottom or top, whichever is not in view. The remaining then wrap around the case the other way. Sequence order will follow the 1-6 numbering on the Hub or Core. Again, this is really only relevant for sequential patterns.

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