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Dell Dimension 8300 Beeping


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The Corsair web site memory guide directed me to CMSS512M-400 for my Dell Dimension 8300.

2 bought, and attempted to install them. My computer beep and no signal to monitor when I install memory.


Compatibility issue?

what to do?

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Can you tell me the speed of your CPU and it's FSB, and are you tring to mix the memory that came with your system?


Dimension 8300

PROCESSOR, 80532, 3.06G, 512, 533FSB, SOCKET N




Added: 1 gig samsong DDR (2 512)


I took out the original 2X128 and added the new CMSS512MB-400 memory I got from Corsair.

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  • Corsair Employees
With the CPU you have you would need to be using DDR333 memory with this system, I believe it will support a 800 FSB CPU and then you would be able to use DDR400. Many of the OEM systems will only run with the memory specified for that configuration. So the part# you would need with this configuration would be CMSS512MB-2700 sorry!
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In addtion, I also tried it with only one CMSS512MB-400 moduel, still beep.

indicating compatibility issues.


thanks for your help

I need a reference number for Newegg.com

they are not allowing a return without restocking fees.


my order number is 10362640

purchase date: 4/8/05


thanks in advance

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