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Lighting Node Pro not working with LL120. Does work with strips


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I'm hoping someone can help with this.


I have a single lighting node pro, one channel goes to 4 LED strips and one channel goes to an rgb hub with 3 fans connected.


At the moment only the fan plugged into the hub in position 1 shows any lighting and only about a 3rd of the lights it should. If I swap either of the other two fans into the first position on the hub they have exactly the same problem. Any combination of fans in any of the first three positions on the hub shows a few lights on the first fan and no lights at all on the other two.


If I switch the hub connection to the other channel on the lighting node it makes no difference. Also just running the fans and no strip makes no difference.


The 4 strips work perfectly on either channel.


I have a spare rgb hub and the exact same problem occurs with the fans using the spare hub


I have spare light strips so I tried plugging strips onto both channels and they work fine on the node pro so I know both channels can work together.


The missing lighting on the fans is in hardware lighting mode and when controlled by ICue.


So, I think the fans are fine as they all demonstrate the same problem in any socket on the hub.


The hub is fine as I've tried a spare and both demonstrate the same issue.


The node pro is fine for illuminating strips on both channels but it won't illuminate 3 LL120 fans properly.


Is this something anyone has heard of or seen before? Any suggestions?



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