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1 stick out of a twin pack died


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Last week my pc started to play up with constant crashing and reboots.

It hasnt booted properly for a week so today I decided to reinstall windows.

Unfortunately it wouldnt even let me start the install so I had a look online and it mentioned this could be memory problems. I downloaded memtest and ran it for 1 hr.

I had 426 errors with my 2xCMX512-3200XLPT. This was on a Gigabyte nforce4 SLI motherboard and at default bios settings.

I read this forum and made sure the settings in bios were right and I tested the sticks seperately. One stick got errors straight away in mem test but the other stick was clear of errors.

I checked out the company where I bought the ram (dabs.com in the uk) and they say on their website to contact the manufactuer as to send warranty items back they take 6 weeks (!) to go through their system.

What do I do now?


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ok I changed the bios settings as you said and put the offending 512mb stick back in the pc. (I am at the latest bios for my mobo as its the only bios available at the moment.)

After ten minutes of memtest it had 26 errors. It said on test 5.

It mentioned these places : 181mb, 191mb, 203mb, 455mb, 471mb.

Dont know if that means anything or not.

What do I do now?

Thanks very much

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