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PC Totally crash at startup after installing RGB apps (iCUE, etc...)


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I have a new PC configuration and I have a big problem, I try lot of Windows 10 installation to understand finally there are lot of problem with RGB apps compatibilities.


My PC freeze totally at logon screen. If I do a fresh install of Windows 10 x64 with strictly no RGB apps, All works perfectly.


But if I install all my RGB apps (last version) iCUE (for my AIO Watercooling, FAN LL120, Corsair SCIMITAR Mouse), G.Skilll app (for my Trident Royal memory), Asus Aura app (for my Video Card), and MSI Dragon Center (for my Motherboard), my PC totally freeze at Startup. I think there are conflict with all the RGB apps, and I think all apps load configuration at the same time. Maybe it could be possible to fix this problem, with adding loading delay of Services startup. I'm SURE my freeze it's because I have 4 differents RGB apps. I Think there are conflict because some apps could change RGB of other brand devices. ex. Asus Aura could change RGB of my G.Skilll Memory (but I prefer G.Skilll apps). There are certainly conflict G.Skilll app/Asus Aura.


Anyone could help me ?



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