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iCue Lag


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I'm not sure where to post this, but I've been having some issues with my Corsair headset and it's software iCue.


I thought that it was because of Valorant's anti cheat that the issue was coming up. So I uninstalled Valorant and reinstalled iCue with the latest update.


So here is the issue.

Sometimes, I mean everyday I would play some games and watch youtube or twitch. Then suddenly my streams would just stop. I would refresh the browser but the video would not play. I go back and forth on twitch and youtube nothing but 1 fps videos. I then try to watch a movie on windows media player or another video program. Doesn't play at all. I then try to open a game and it would just crash the game. This all gets fixed when I restart my computer.


Why I think it is caused by iCue, every time it starts happening is when I try to hear any voice commands from my headset there is nothing but just beeps. Turning it on and off, flipping the mic up and down would just cause beeps. This happened after I recently got my new Corsair Void wireless headset.


I read that issues similar to this happened in earlier version of the software, but I didn't see a solution for it. I'm just wondering if there will be a fix or someone has found the fix.

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I am having lag/delayed responses from my wireless headset too (HS70 Pro).


It started after the last update (3.30.89), the process audiodg.exe is using high CPU when I press mic mute/unmute for example.

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So this issue keeps on happening.

I now confirmed it is not related to games and such.

I had uninstalled icue and uninstalled the drivers.

Reinstalled them both back, it would work for awhile then the issue would come back.

Tried changing dongle positions from back ports to front ports.


Issue is - The headset would turn on but with no voice that would tell me if its on or the mic is on blah blah.

When this issue is happening I cannot watch any videos it will be on a loading loop forever.

The only time it gets fixed is I restart my PC but that's not 100%. I had to restart my pc 3 times for it to work again.

I'm hoping to get any help with this.

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