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Memtest86+ reports speed different from BIOS for DDR3-1600 - SPD issue?


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Dear forum readers,


I'm stuck after several days of searching. It's an issue regarding my 8GB DDR3-1600 RAM module(s) CMV8GX3M1A1600C11


Memtest86+ 5.01 reports speeds different to what the BIOS says and what RAM + mb + cpu are supposed to deliver. I've attached screenshots of BIOS pages and Memtest86+ results.


Memtest86+ reports RAM: 379 MHz (DDR3-759) at (FSB) BCLK 94 and CAS 5-5-5-15

BIOS shows RAM: 1597,68 MHz (:2) (DDR3-1600) at (FSB) BCLK 99,85 and CAS 11-11-11-30

In multi-CPU mode, BCLK is at 99 and Memtest shows 399 MHz (DDR3-798)

It also freezes during test #7 [move blocks] but that is a known issue.


When I tested in dual channel mode (2x8GB):

CAS 11-11-11-30 @ 128-bit mode

RAM: 759 MHz (DDR3-1519) BCLK 94

but one RAM module showed multiple errors so it seems to be broken anyways.


Gigabyte lists the Corsair RAM as compatible.

I've reset CMOS, then changed the battery.

I've re-installed BIOS. Version F2 from manufacturer page. Default settings.

The BIOS won't let me change frequency values. Maybe I could change CL values but I did not dare to. I've never tried to oc and don't need to.

CAS 5-5-5-15 - values are not listed for DDR3-1600.

I ran Memtest86+ 5.01 from a 2019 DVD with Linux OS and tools (and also from another source, Ubuntu Grub).


I need to find out if my mainboard is broken.

The Corsair RAM specs say: SPD Latency 9-9-9-24 and SPD Speed 1333MHz

And the BIOS shows values corresponding to the Corsair Tested Latency: 11-11-11-30 and Tested Speed: 1600MHz


I am totally confused as to why Memtest reports less than half as much as would be expected. 379 MHz // 399 MHz equals BCLK 94 // BCLK 99 - so that's OK. Yet it is half as much - but BIOS is in default settings and keeps reporting the expected values. The BIOS isn't very responsive: I cannot change most of the values, they seem to be locked at AUTO. I can enable/disable A.M.P. and Core Performance Boost and Temp alarms. I haven't tried voltages though.


I just need to decide within three days whether to keep or return the computer.

So if RAM and mainboard are OK and Memtest misreports, I can keep it. If BIOS/mainboard are faulty, I'll return it. If only RAM is faulty, I'll ask for a refund/replacement.


Could it be an SPD issue?

The furthest I could get is this:




dmidecode says:

Array Handle: 0x0023

Error Information Handle: Not Provided

Total Width: 64 bits

Data Width: 64 bits

Size: 8192 MB

Form Factor: DIMM

Set: None

Locator: Node0_Dimm1

Bank Locator: Node0_Bank0

Type: DDR3

Type Detail: Synchronous Unbuffered (Unregistered)

Speed: 1600 MT/s

Manufacturer: Corsair

Serial Number: 00000000

Asset Tag: Dimm1_AssetTag

Part Number: CMV8GX3M1A160

Rank: 2

Configured Clock Speed: 1600 MT/s


What do you think I could do about this?

Any hints are welcome.

Thank you very much!! :-)










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