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Memory Module not performing as Labeled


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I purchased two memory modules some time apart from eachother, both were listed as 3200 parts. one is an XMS Module and the other was prior to the release of XMS parts.


I've been trying to bump up my motherboard memory to 400Mhz. but I havent had any success. The part I am concerned about is showing up in CPU-Z as

CMX512-3200 while the SPD on the stick identifies that the MAX Bandwidth on it is PC2700. SPD timings table shows 166 MHz.




My other Memory Stick is an XMS CMX512-3200C2 and is identified as PC3200. max bandwidth at 3200 and the SPD timings table shows 200 MHz.


Did I purchase a mislabeled memory stick, and more importantly, how do I get the part that I paid for?


I am happy to send both modules in exchange for matched pairs, or at the least to bring the one stick to the level of porformance I believed to have invested in.


I appreciate your help, I'm a huge Corsair advocate, its all I use on my PC's and those I build for friends, family, and associates.


thanks RamGuy.

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First thing, please list the complete part# and lot code of both modules. That would help to know exactly what you have. (How To Read the Memory Label)

Second thing, the only way to get a matched set of modules would be to have purchased a Twinx set. And I am sorry we can only replace what’s sent in for RMA with the same part# as received or equivalent.

And lastly, more than likely your XMS3200 module was made before January of 2004 as there was no Official spec for DDR400 until then and the SPD was programmed to PC-2700 JEDEC defined values for the IC used on that specific part. So looking in the SPD would show correctly as a PC-2700 module and the tested settings would need to be manually set.

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