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I believe my ram has gone sour


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How's it going. Last night while I was on my computer it frozed. I attempted to turn off my computer, but it wouldn't, so I rebooted instead to see if it would boot up properly. However, my computer would not boot up properly, but rather displayed a blank screen (I could not even get into bios).

So I decided to check and see if it might be cause by my ram. I have CMX512-3200C2PT running in dual channel in slots 1 and 3. I initially took out the ram from slot 3, and what do u know...it booted to bios. From there I got a message that said overclocked had failed, and i needed to adjust my bios settings. Prior to this error, I had set my ram latency setting to 2-3-3-6 and voltage of 2.75 (everthing else left alone, and no other overclocking in my system). After I set my bios to default, it booted windows properly. To make sure the module i took out of slot 3 was faulty, i took out the working ram out of slot 1 and inserted the one seemingly to cause failure to boot into slot 1. It would not boot. I then took that ram and inserted to slot 3, and still would not boot. I tested the working module on slot 1 and 3, and it booted. Do you believe this stick to be bad? Or should I try something else?


Part Number: CMX512-3200C2PT

Version Number: 5.1 (the numbers before this are: XMS3202)

Lot Number: 0502084-4


My system:

P4 3.0G w/ Hyper Threading; FSB 800


1g Corsair XMS dual channel (currently having trouble with)

Antec TruePower 430

ATI 9800 PRO

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