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CORSAIR Scimitar RGB issues


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First of all hello, I was looking at the forum at some answers but couldn't find any, so please propose some solutions i can check again, all in 1 thread.


ISSUE no 1:


While startup, ever so often the mouse doesn't start'up, i need to unplug it and plug it again, annoying.

And Yes ive changed the motherboards settings, quick boot is off, drivers are up to date.


ISSUE no 2:


Mapped keys do not map, i need to reset the system to make it work again.

Profile is default, in the system i can see the Corsair composite virtual...


Doeas anyone has any idea how to fix that.


The same issues i have on my lenovo laptop, so... bummer.


Cheers and thanks for the feedback.



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Sounds like the issue I had with an older motherboard.

Using the USB 2.0 ports for mouse and keyboard and 3.0 for everything else solved it.


As for your second issue.

If possible, save the profiles to the internal memory of the mouse and remove iCUE completely, guess you can have 2-3 profiles on it and all mapped keys can be bound in each games config anyway.

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