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New Corsair iCue ecosystem - will this work?


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Hey guys,


I have just built my new 3rd Gen Threadripper computer using the Thermaltake Core P7 and have decided to go RGB with all the fans but need something that will be able to also control the Motherboard RGB as well as the EK Waterblock RGB I am using for my GPU's, CPU and Reservoir/Pump combos.


I want to purchase the following from Corsair:


12x Corsair QL120 RGB Fan

3x Corsair Lighting Node Core

2x Corsair Commander Pro


My Pre-existing hardware is:


1x Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme

2x EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Aorus RGB (12v RGB)

1x EK-Velocity sTR4 D-RGB (5v D-RGB)

2x EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 360 D5 PWM D-RGB (5v D-RGB)

1x EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 120 D5 PWM D-RGB (5v D-RGB)


I have made a crude drawing showing how I would connect everything together and want to know if anyone here is able to confirm/deny if iCue software will see everything and if it will all work. Please see the attached image.


For adaptors I am using a PWM Fan Splitter from Noctua as I already have them and I have heard no more than 8 fans per Commander Pro.


For the EKWB to Corsair adaptors I have purchased four of them from Ebay which are said to allow EK's 5v D-RGB to register in the iCue software.


Thanks for your feedback.


Kind Regards,




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hi buddy.


think only change i would make is removing some of the pwm splitters and using some of the unused pwm headers left on the CoPro's


RGB Faq may give a you a few more idea's.





you could also bring it down to one Co Pro by using PWM repeater Hubs...


my build.. 32 fans.. one CoPro




Corsair Carbide 678C 6-port PWM Repeater as an example



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