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Fried RAM


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I KNOW that my RAM module is defective. The memory module AND the DIMM slot on my motherboard got fried. i can actually see the burn marks on the gold connections of the module and the plastic on the DIMM slot is melted. also, i can still smell the burnt circuits on the RAM to this day (it has been about a week and a half). i dare not try to troubleshoot by testing it on my new motherboard due to the fact that i might risk damage to my brand new motherboard. i just need a "RAM guy" post # so i can fill out that warranty form replace the part.


other info:


motherboard- iWill (forgot the model but it supported athlon xp and pc 2700 memory)


had both the mobo and RAM for about 2 and a half years. no problems til now.


purchased at Fry's Electronics

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It's recommended to post the system specs:

What CPU / FSB / Motherboard do you have?


What is the exact part # and revision # of your memory?

How To Read the Memory Label


If you have more than one stick: Is it a TwinX pack?


Was the system running at defaults? Was the memory voltage above 2.9 volts?


here are the specs:


the memory: model #CM64SD256-2700CX2H (256MB XMS2700 v 1.1)

iWill motherboard that supports Athlon xp and DDR memory up to 333mhz

processor: Athlon xp 1800+ fsb 266

windows xp

ati radeon 9700 videocard

300 watt power supply

the other memory stick is a generic brand memory 512MB pc 2700 (that one survived)

3 Dimm slots (2 were used)

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