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Corsair XD5 dimensions

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Hey Corsair peeps


Just wondering if someone could measure their XD5 for me?


Chasing the measurements of each individual section of the pump/res combo.


Reservoir compartment height and width

Pump height and width


Playing with some very tight tolerances in a 280x so needing specifics before placing my order to ensure it'll fit where I want it to go


Reason for needing the individual component measurements is that I am hoping the reservoir section is thin enough to go between the gpu block and front rad with the pump section sitting just below the bottom of the block

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I have on mine:

- Res height - 114mm

- Res width - 64 mm

- Pump height - 68mm

- Pump width - 80mm (taken on the plastic shroud at the bottom of the res. This will be wider if you add fittings to the width, depends which holes you want your fittings in.


Good luck !

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