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Bad CMSS512MB for IBM A31?

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I just got a CMSS512MB-266SOD module for my wife's laptop. Shortly after installing it, she started getting BSOD's on her Windows XP install. The machine is an IBM A31 Thinkpad 2652.


Thinking the issue was drive/motherboard related, I tried another HDD - Windows wouldn't even install (complains about not being able to copy files). Removing the memory sloves all issues (and Windows installs normally, no longer blue-screens).


I bought the Corsair because I've had such good luck with it in the past no matter what system I use it in (from my servers to my desktops)... I even used the system picker to make sure I picked up the right part.



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Lets get that module replaced.

Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!


Thanks for the info. However, I'd already opened a ticket with IBM thinking it was their problem. They came out and replaced the motherboard and CPU on the box - and amazingly, the blue screens went away. Perhpas thre was some kind of other issue going on that the extra memory brought out of the system, or maybe a bum SO-DIMM connector. Either way, looks like the problem is solved - I'm happy that I didn't have to RMA the memory!

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