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Issues with software when lights are on


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Hello all.


I have a few issues that I feel would be best described in stages:



Windows 10 Enterprise 20150 [same issues with Windows 10 Pro 1903]

ASUS Crosshair VIII Wifi-AC

AMD 3900X @ 4.1Ghz - D.O.C.P

64GB 3200Mhz 1.35v - 16-16-16-35


iCUE/Corsair Fan SETUP:

Corsair H100i RGB SE Platinum.


CPU Cooler: -> CPU Fan header

-> USB connected to mobo USB header

-> AIO RGB Fans are connected directly to H100i Platnium using it's included fan power/RGB cable split.



--> CPU: DC Mode | Chassis Fans: PWM Mode |

--> Can't use Asus AI Suite because Win10 2004 crashes


1 - iCUE Detection Problems - SEP 2019


1.0-ISSUE: On initial build setup - when it was a brand new build - my H100i would constantly disappear from iCUE (for extended periods). Just completely disappears, although the fans were still spinning the LED's were OFF.


1.1-DEBUG: I installed this software called USBDeview that allowed me to see any USB connects/disconnects. According to the USB controller, it turns out the cooler was disconnecting/connecting/disconnecting from the PC itself.


1.2-FIX: Thinking it might be the wire, I replaced the USB wire that runs from the USB header -> CPU cooler from another H100i. All was well!


1.3-ISSUE: All was well but only for a bit. Initially - after the 1.0-FIX - it was practically 100% stable, but eventually - and seemingly randomly - it would disconnect and reconnect immediately.


1.4-FIX: After a few frustrating WEEKS I stumbled upon a forum post the recommended turning off the RGB Rainbow color profiles and switching to a solid color. I switched, and kaboom. Everything was working! According to USBDeview, there weren't any disconnects either. I was pretty frustrated that I couldn't use all the RGB controls iCUE offers, but using a solid color is fine if it meant I don't have to swap out and rewire this whole thing.


1.5-FINAL: For 8 MONTHS - From OCT 2019 --> JUNE 2020, so long I was using a SOLID color profile; it was working. I never found the problem, but I am guessing it was due to power draw or something. PLEASE ADVISE IF YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN DO.




2.0: Introducing iCUE to my new Commander Pro - June 2019


New iCUE/Corsair Fan SETUP:


Asus Q-Fan disabled.

Same H100i RGB Platnium.

CPU Cooler: -> CPU Fan header

-> USB connected to a USB OUT on the Commander Pro

<-- The 2 AIO RGB Fans are connected directly to H100i using its fan/RGB splitter.


Commander Pro -> Main out/USB connected to USB header that H100i was connected to.

<-- iH100i USB cable input to one of the USB outputs


2.1-ISSUE: When setting it up, all fans were loud but I was able to fix by settings fans to quiet in iCUE. The weird/messed part though was that only 2 out of the 3 fans were showing up. Sometimes no fans, 2 fans, 3 fans -- except the RPM never showed for the third.


2.2-ISSUE: After adding the commander pro, today I woke up to all 3 chassis fans started LOUD as are AIO fans.


2.3-FIX: I turned off the lighting again and all fans went back to normal.



Tonight I moved the RGB cables from the AIO --> Commander PRO.

Fixed nothing really, except now all RGB controls are under Commander Pro.





So in conclusion:


1. iCUE does not set fan speeds correctly, and AIO cannot or does not function properly when RGB patterns (e.g. Rainbow) are enabled in iCUE.

2. Most of the time, the performance tab doesn't show up in iCUE under my Commander Pro [imgur Image Album] or [Attachment 1]

3. When it does, only 0, or 1, or 2 out of the 3 fans connected to my Commander Pro show up in iCUE under "Performace". [imgur Album] or [Attachments 2 and 3]




Sorry for the long post,


Any help or advice (or even discussion is appreciated)







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