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MSI-Neo Platinum2 FSR (MS-7030)/Corsair VS issues?


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I've been scanning through the forums today regarding issues people have had using this board and the Value Select Corsair PC3200 DDR. I discovered and DL'd the memtest.org program (thank you) and after running it found I am getting the same errors that many others have reported. In order to save myself a bit of time, could you guys advise me the surest course of action to resolve my error problems? I believe I saw a recommendation to to have the mem sticks on slot 1 & 3-contrary to what the MB manual describes?? I did reset the timings to 2.5-3-3-8 @ 2.7V as described in the forums I read. Memtest.org found errors on PASS 1 for Test#5 (3 of them) and one error on Test#6. On the next pass, same errors for Test#5 and none anywhere else. I went back in and reset to auto the timings (still comes out the same) and restarted the test. RAM is @200 MHZ, as the AMD 64 processor is evidently incapable of runing the RAM @ 400 MHZ as it should. Running the test again now..so far on Test#8 with no errors??? BTW-there is a configuration setting in Memtest for AMD 64>should I mess around with this? Specs below. Advice is appreciated cuz I'm ready to play with my new toy-I've been T/S it for a week and a half! (new rig)-update:1st pass all tests pass!?! what is the deaL? :bigeyes:

AMD Athlon 64 3400+


MSI Neo Platinum2 FSR


ATI Radeon 9550 256MB AGP

Sony 52X32X52X CD-Burner


Windows XP Pro w/ service pack2

HP f1903 "19 LCD monitor

Artronix Guardian ATX case w/ 4 case fans

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Sorry! 754 ver

Strange, after I reset everything to auto and reran the tests, made 3 passes with no errors! Even weirder is the fact that the RAM is still running @ 2.5-3-3-8 timings. 200MHZ. I guess I'll leave it be and concentrate on tweaking the CPU. Dynamic Overclocking function caused a black screen which I had to reset the CMOS by jumper but that was because it set the RAM timings too low. Well, based on all the problems I see others having with VS Corsair I think I'll just leave it as is-functional.

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