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Commander Pro fan channel 1 not working


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I have been having issues with my Commander Pro after updating to the newest firmware. Fan channel 1 will not adjust speed no matter what settings or curves I set. My Corsair 1000 rpm 3 pin fan always runs 800 rpm. It used to work from 600-1000 rpm. My 1300 rpm Notuca fans are stuck at 1100 rpm so it appears the DC voltage is constant. Channels 2-6 work perfectly.


I have tried forcing the firmware update multiple times. I have tried resetting the unit using the pinhole trick. I have also deleted all the profile settings stored in Windows and reinstalled icue. I have googled troubleshooting guides and nothing works. Any ideas of what could be wrong?


Thank you

PC specs are in my profile



Asus x570 Tuf Wifi

AMD 3600

RX 5700

Crucial Ballistix 16 gig

Corsair 600T

Windows 10 Pro 64

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I don't know why this happens, when but when something goes wrong Fan channel #1 always seems to be the one. It's not clear if this is a physical problem on the controller or a software glitch. Did this happen immediately after the firmware flash?


It's pretty difficult to work the hardware end and you've already swapped in other fans to sufficiently tie it to that header. You can try to attack it from the software side.


1) Fully quit iCUE and open the task manager and force quit the various Corsair services.


2) Navigate to C:Users/(name)/App Data (hidden)/Roaming/Corsair/CUE/Cooling and then cut and paste that config file to the desktop. These are all the fan curves and settings.


3) Relaunch iCUE normally and it will re-create the generic settings. See if control returns. If not, you can quit the app and drop that config file back into place to restore your prior settings.




I would contact Corsair Support if this does not resolve it. They may have another suggestion or if there is a physical problem, you need to go that route so they can send you a replacement.

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Thank you.


Edit- Yes it failed immediately after updating to newest firmware.


I tried your suggestion but it's still not working. Now the fan is stuck at 100% on channel 1. I'll look into the config file more , maybe the channel is wrongly assigned to something else.


I am a little frustrated because I emailed customer service a week ago and still haven't heard anything. But I will try again.

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If it came out of the firmware update in this condition, messing with the config files probably won't help. It would need a firmware flash or replacement.


There is a pinhole reset on the underside of the device. However, once you push that all your prior settings and curves will disappear and you will need to set up the device like it's brand new. I also can't be sure it will solve the issue, but it is the last user end option I see at this point.

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