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sf750 platinum , could i use cabel from Premium PSU Cabel Kit


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hi , first post in this forum , i hope someone could answer this


a while ago i bought this "Premium PSU Cabel Kit" for SF power supplies for my sf600 gold


now i have a sf750 platinum and i dont like the pcie cabel for my gpu , for now i use only one cabel with 2 8pin on the gpu side alot of people say it is not relay good for the cabel itself (then why produce this cabel? )


anyway i have this kit mentioned above (CP-8920202) it hath 2 nice 8pin cabel without the split on the gpu side , i use this on my sf600 gold and a 2080ti


so could i use the cabel one my sf750 ?


greetings and thanks for the answers

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