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I killed one of my LL120 RGB fans, any way to fix it?


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Hi all,


A while ago I purchased a set of 3 Corsair LL120 RGB fans, and in my eagerness to see them working I connected one of them to the CPU RGB header on my motherboard. The fan turned on completely red and with a burning smell. I immediately shut it down and unplugged it. The fan itself still works, but I cannot get any RGB working. This was 100% my own fault, and I have already replaced it.


I have placed the broken fan in the bottom front of my case, and it got me wondering if it is possible to repair it. As I have already replaced it, it wouldn't be too big of a deal if I broke it completely in the process, but I thought it could be a fun project and a learning experience. But I don't know much about how this works, so I don't know if repairing it is even possible.


That's why I'm turning to you all, in hopes that one of you know enough about this to point me in the right direction. If you had to guess, what part of the fan do you think broke? Would that be the LEDs themselves, or another part? I'm guessing if the problem is the LEDs themselves then there's probably nothing to do. But if it isn't there might still be hope. I'm not looking to waste so much of your time as to ask for a step-by-step guide, but a push in the right direction to figuring out which part needs replacing would be highly appreciated!

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