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SP120 RGB Pro no light and not work with iCUE


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forgive my english


i have a problem with the kit in description.

I purchased the kit with three fans plus 2 others, always of the same type.

I already had an RM750i power supply in my possession, connected to the software iCUE.


I connected the fans to the motherboard, I connected the RGB cables to the Node Core (supplied with the kit) on port 1 to 5 (Usb e Sata connected).


When the computer was turned on, the fans started to light up in an automatic mode (pulsating light effect); when Windows 10 starts (and consequently iCUE) the lights stopped in one color (no effect).


I opened iCUE, the Node Code it was detected, I configured my fans type (SP120 RGB PRO) and number (5); I also checked for updates (software and firmware) but there were none.


I tried to set the lighting effects, but nothing happened on the fans: the light remained fixed as when Windows was started.



I tried to make other changes too, but nothing ... no effect was set on the fans.

I tried to restart the service iCUE, and at that point the lights on the fans turned off.


I tried to restart PC but nothing...I tried to uninstall iCUE e reinstall but nothing...light turned off.


now even the data of the power supply are not detected (temperature, fan speed etc ...)



I don't know what else to try ...

Has any similar problem ever happened to anyone?


thank you so much for any help



My Mobo is a z77 sabertooth, connected to a USB 2.0, iCUE version 3.29.110.

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I’m having a hard time getting my fans to change colors as well. They’re stuck. I don’t know if it’s Icue or a dud kit but I have a hard time believe I got a dud set of $150 QL 120 rgb fans and Hub. I’ve searched endlessly for a solution and I can’t find one. I’m forced to RMA my product. It would be a shame if I got a new set of fans and had the same issue
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Honestly, I also already made a replacement of the product just to rule out a defect.

I purchased the product on a well-known e-commerce site (paying even more) just to protect myself from this kind of problem.

I could therefore return everything and take back all the money.

I'm only sorry that I had to "break" the fans already present on the case (Antec twelve hundred V3) in order to put these SP120s.

In addition to wasting time.

It only amazes me that such an important company, which I thought was "serious", cannot give answers to solve these kinds of problems.

They could be incompatibility problems, but since iCue has logs, they would make checks ...

Is it not possible to interface in any way with someone from assistance to get "software" help on the problem?

I believe that I will wait a few days for any suggestions from the users of the forum and then I will give everything back and I will seriously think about whether to continue to get supplies from this company

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Thanks a lot DevBiker for you answer.


arrived home I tried to reinstall iCUE version 3.29.100, after the installation it detected the update 3.30.89...that installed too


no change in the fans or in sensors of the power supply (rotation, temperature ecc...).


Restar the pc


when windows 10 starts, the fans all automatically turned on with the fixed white light (6.jpg)


I entered the settings and set my fan type (9.jpg)

SP RGP Pro -> 5 fan


I tried to set the "light bond", but nothing changes: the fans remain fixed with white light (10.jpg)


and the power supply fan it still doesn't turn...and sensors also keep detecting everything to zero (temperature, power output ecc...) (14.jpg)


am I wrong?

since the iCUE update, the only positive note is that now the fans light up, but without the effects I set.





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