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CMW32GX4M2Z3200C16 no go for Ryzen


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Ok, long story short, I had GSkill DDR4 in both of my systems, one being an Intel 8700K on an ASUS Prime board and a 2700X on a Gigabyte B450m. The Intel had 32 (4x8) of DDR3000 RGB and ran great, and the Ryzen had 16GB (2x8)of Gskill Flare which I then upgraded to 32gb (4x8) of the Flare memory. It ran PERFECT, heck, the 4 stick even ran at 1T command rate! I have never seen that in my 25 years of PC building!! But, I wanted fast RGB all around, and wanted to take the load off of the memory controllers by installing 2x16 instead of 4x8 (and frankly to be more 1337 by running Corsair Vengeance DDR). So I bought identical Vengeance Pro RGB sets, and found out one wouldnt run on the Ryzen because its optimized for Intel, so I ordered the other kit that supports Ryzen. The Intel system runs fast and strong and was as simple as booting to bios and setting to XMP.


SO I received and installed the Ryzen kit today and it wont do a thing past 2666. The XMP causes the system to go straight to the red LED for memory error. I started using Corsair RAM 20 years ago and was a die hard fan, then I had to go budget and fell in love with GSKILL. I have NEVER had an issue with GSKILL ram, but I just paid twice as much for this Corsair and it wont run 3200mhz with a chip it was designed for.


Whats my next options? I see only about 6 threads with my part numbers and none have my issue.


AMD Ryzen kit CMW32GX4M2Z3200C16

Intel kit CMW32GX4M2C3200C16


PS I am still a Corsair fan, just not of the memory because of these issues. I have 2 Corsair AIR540s stuffed with the internals mentioned above, Corsair CX750 PSU, RM650 PSU, an H115i on the Intel, an H100i on the AMD, 2 Corsair Glaive Pro, 1 Corsair Glaive, K65RGB, K68RGB, Corsair oversized mousepads, Corsair wireless headphones and charging dock,even the Corsair 2.1 speaker kit, not to mention about 25 Corsair RGB fans ($$$) and its all great, why cant the RAM just work?:sigh!:

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