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Set-up issue - SP120 with B450-Plus mobo - help a RGB n00b out?


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Hi guys,


I've had to replace my rear fan recently and to go with my Vengence Pro RGB RAM, I got a single SP120 RGB fan.


After realising i needed a hub and a Lighting Node Pro, I connected everything up as per below. and alas, nothing:


Fan 1 -> MOBO CHAFAN header

Fan 1 -> RGB Hub -> 3/2 pin cable -> LED 1 port on Node Pro -> USB header on MOBO


Fan does not light up at all!


The Node Pro box came with some RGB strips which I plugged into LED 2 port of the Node Pro and that works fine with iCUE!


I have noticed that the cable between the hub and the pro has only 2 leads on the cable rather than 3.


What am doing wrong? Happy to chat this through with anyone?

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