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Hello forum,


I have an issue with my RAM kit (Quad channel DDR4 4x8Gb Vengeance LPX)


The RAM does not have the correct SPD information programmed into it.


I have been fighting against a Corsair RMA technician that is completely ignoring my complaint. I initially had issues with my PC freezing and randomly shutting down and have now discovered an issue with one DIMM slot, so the motherboard is now being RMA'd.


The RAM speed of my kit has never been achievable and if I set the memory bios to the default timings and speed of the modules, the system always failed to boot.

The RAM kit is not listed under my motherboards QVL but is still compatible albeit at a slower speed, I know this.

The QVL compatibility is irrelevant though. The SPD info is still readable even if the RAM can not function at the higher speed. Running memtest86 from a USB puts the PC into a low function safe mode to be able to test the memory modules and the chipset of the motherboard is irrelevant.


DDR4 RAM that is ideally suited for and AMD chipset will still work well with an Intel chipset and on either chipset, the SPD reads exactly the same. The SPD is hard programmed into the EEPROM chip. I have tested this, using memtst86 on 3 types of DDR4 RAM on both Intel and AMD motherboards. The RAM speed (from the SPD) is always visible in the centre of the screen and always matches the outer label (sticker) on the outer heatsink. ie Ram speed in memtest86 shows 3000MHz and the label on the outer heatsink also shows 3000MHz. This is true on all three modules tested individually on both types of motherboard, SPD correct every time.

The RAM kit that I have an issue with shows 4264MHz during memtest86 but on the label (and outer packaging and the reason I purchased it) the speed shows 4266MHz.


This is why my PC has behaved in the way I described, extremely unstable. Can somebody please help me?

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