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Crystal 680X + H115i Platinum + 3pack LL120 fans with lightning node pro


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Building new PC and have been debating on cases. i think i have finally decided on the Crystal 680X and would like to load it up with RGB fans.



Crystal 680X

H115i Platinum

3pack LL120 fans with lightning node pro


What do I need to make all 6 fans + AiO cooler work? i would like to get all LEDs in sync or be able to control them together. i have done a bit a research but i have been finding varying results. i figured i would call into corsair support and i am now more confused than ever. I believe in the case it comes with a lighting node pro. The 3 fans comes with another lighting node pro. i believe i should get all lights to work with these parts alone but i would have no control over fan speed.


I am considering getting the commander pro but it would need to meet this criteria: control all LED lights (6 fans+AiO fans) / control fan speed without needing lighting node pros or anything else.


If i just use the lighting node pros that come with case and 3fan kit (if i need both, i dont think i would need both ...), what would the fan speeds run at? would it be smart enough to go faster and slower based on temp/usage?


Corsair phone support said that i needed an additional RGB hub(additonal purchase) if i went the commander pro route or the lighting node pro route. If i didn't have an RGB hub in addition to the controller, i wouldn't be able to control lights and they would be stuck in rainbow. so it would look something like:

scenario 1: commander pro + rgb hub

scenario 2: lighting node pros + rgb hub


Thanks for any help in advance and let me know if you need anymore information.

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The Commander Pro has a lighting controller in at as well, thus it replaces the Node Pro in the set up. It is required if you want speed control over the case fans. Otherwise, it's normal motherboard controls. The two fans on the Platinum will be software controlled and run from the AIO's internal fan controller, leaving the remaining 6 to nestle in on the Commander.


The Platinum series has its own internal lighting controller as well, but it is limited to 2 fans - the ones on the radiator. Normally, I am inclined to suggest you move them off to the RGB hub with the case fan, but since those max out at 6, the Platinum's +2 will make things work out nicely. Only 1 RGB Hub and 1 Lighting Channel required. You will have a spare channel on the Commander for strips or something later if you want it.


The 6 fans on the RGB hub->Commander will act as one group. The 2 fans on the AIO as another. All can be set to the do same thing. However, note the fan on the Platinum are ML fans and different than the LL you are using elsewhere. This is another reason to leave those 2 on the AIO RGB controller. Also, this may not matter if the case is on the desk or floor. You won't see under the top fans and they will be far less noticeable than the front/bottom/rear LL.


On that note, you may wish to consider LL140s instead of 120s. The case is set-up for that, they match the top size and they are the natural fit. It's fine to leave the 3x120 on the front and those do fit that panel better. For the bottom and rear, you are just leaving gaps when you could have more fan. This does not change the lighting arrangements and there is no difference between a LL140 and LL120 as far as the software goes -- same number of LEDs.

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If i am understanding this correctly:


The commander pro is an rgb hub as well as fan controller. the AiO cooler is also a rgb controller.


1. I am going to wire the 6 case fans to the commander pro (all the LL fans)

2. I am going to wire the 2 AiO fans to the controller on the cooler (the ML fans)

3. I can use the 1st usb port on the commander pro for the 6 LL fans

4. i can use the 2nd usb port on the commander pro for the 2 ML fans

5. Command Pro will wire to a usb port on MoBo...


This will give me full fan control and full lighting control of all fans. Is this correct?

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All correct except the 6 LL fan RGB wires will go into the RGB Lighting hub (matchbook sized and 6 ports). It has a special cable to connect directly into the Commander RGB channel ports (and same for the Node Pro). The Commander itself will connect to the MB via USB 2 and that will carry the information from the RGB hub as well as the cooler.


See Zotty's thread below for pictures and more information. Not only do all the names sound alike, they also look a bit similar to boot.


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I'm doing a very similar thing. Only problem I have is I can't use the LL140's because I'm going for an all white fan build and the LL140's don't seem to be available in white for some odd reason. Neither do Corsair do the Hydro 115i in white which is also rather annoying <glares at Corsair> :)
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