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Hey all,


I really need some help with something.


What I want to do is assign a lighting effect to one of my mouse keys (Corsiar MMO mouse the one with 12 buttons).


For instance - I have a macro set up on the mouse that will press the symbol of ; which triggers a command in wow (wings). What I would like to happen is a lightening effect triggers at the same time and then reverts back to my rainbow puke effect. I would like this effect to be on the entire PC (Fans, LED strips, AIO Ect) how do I go about this with one click of a button please?


So for instance - I press button 3 on the mouse keypad, the system starts the macro on the mouse that types the symbol ; and then a lightening effect happen, say white to yellow, it playes its effect and then back to rainbow puke untill I press it again if that makes sense?


Thanks and kind regards,



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