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Thank you for the experience of using HS 70 wireless headphones.


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Thank you for the experience of using HS 70 wireless headphones, but I will not return to you Corsair company again.


I bought the headphones less than a year ago and I was very happy, nothing extra and super quality on the outside.


But a week ago, something happened that negated all attitude to your company. The headphones stopped keeping the battery charge for more than three hours and now they are wired.


Well, everyone has problems, I wrote to support and it took 6 days, my problem was not answered.


OK, the problem is with Covid19, but I can't work with headphones like this. Why are they called wireless.

Not responding to a request is a problem for your company,a problem for your work, and a problem for your customer loyalty.


I work for a large company and we can't afford this, because the success of the entire company depends on our customers.


This is not an insult to your company, it is a reason to think about what you are doing wrong.


I solved the problem with the headphones myself, even though I lost the warranty. I bought spare batteries for your headphones from another manufacturer.


I'm sorry, but I'm ashamed of you. Good luck, I won't be coming back to you again.:без ума:


My application for support id #2001244821

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