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Asus A8N-Sli Motherboard/Corsair Problem


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Just got a new motherboard, Asus A8N-Sli Deluxe, and well to make a long story short, I boot up and It tells me via P.o.s.t "System failed memory test" along with a repetitive 1 Second long beep.


I currently have, as ram, Corsair XMS PC3200 DDR400 Ram (1x 512 Module along with x2 256 Modules)


I don't know what the problem is really, Is it the ram? The board perhaps?


Please help me out




-if needed-

AMD 64 3200+ Processor

A8N-Sli Deluxe Motherboard by Asus

BFG 6800 GT PCI-E Graphics Card

1024MB of Corsair XMS DDR400 PC3200 Ram

Western Digital Raptor 74.4G at 10KRPM

Win.XP Professional

Audigy 2 ZS

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Well I took out the 2 256MB Modules and it booted right up. So correct me here if Im wrong, I can only use the 512 and UP modules right? The 2 256 Modules are a no go? Or can I keep these 2 and just buy another 512 Module and then I'll have (256) (256) (512) (512) that would work with the system right?



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Ram Guy is correct you can't run three modules, any size, in this motherboard. It will only support one module, or two modules, or four modules. I tried three modules just to see what it would do and got the same error you got. The motherboard documentation is clear on this as well. If you get another 512 stick, I recommend you get it soon so you have the best chance of it matching the stick you already have. Dual channel is very picky about matched pairs in each of the two banks (hence the tested compatible Corsair Twinx kits). If you get another stick from the same place you bought the first 512 stick soon, you should be able to run the 512's in slots A1 and B1 (hopefully they'll be a close match) and if the two 256 sticks are a close match those two sticks should go in the A2 and B2 slots for a total of 1.5 gigabytes. Be aware though that this combination probably won't be able to run at 400mhz. The differences in the timings between the 512 sticks and the 256 sticks could cause the bios in conjunction with the memory controller to downstep to longer timings and slower clock speeds, 333mhz or 266mhz. If the sets of sticks in each size range are not a close match to each other, the board may not be able to run dual channel at all, either as 1.5gigabytes(all four sticks), 1gigabyte(two 512 sticks) or 512megabytes(two 256 sticks). I've gotten single sticks to work dual channel at 400mghz but they were bought at the same time and fortunately contained the same brand and dateIC's on each stick. Good Luck.
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Yeah that sounds bout right lol


Last nite just for the hell of it I tried the First two slots with all the ram (corsaire xms) that I have and the first two slots don't wanna work. I tried the 256MB Modules first, individually and then both. After that I put the 512 in the first slot and the second, didn't work either, the only slots that work are the second row it goes

1 2 3 4

| | | | : 3 & 4 are the only ones atm that will work with my ram , and I seriously have no idea why. So right now I'm at 512x1 256x1 both next to eachother in 3&4.


Any thoughts? How do I get the first row to work?

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The latest non-Beta release is version 1006. I'd try this first. It can be found along with all the earlier releases and the latest Betas at asustech.com. Another possibility is that the first two slots on your motherboard might be bad. Good luck.
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