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Corsair please make a smaller version of the M55


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As the title suggests.. I love this mouse but hate the size:[pouts: I always try new mice to see if their is something out their that mite just give me the edge however after trying the M55 I thought I may have finally found it! If only it was smaller then it would be perfect and I would no longer have to search for a replacement. I hope one day you will decide to make a smaller iteration of this mouse like all the other popular gaming brands are doing. Different sizes options help picking a mouse hugely.


If anyone has a mod to make this mouse more comfortable for smaller hands by adjusting the bulge from the rear. Or even suggestion's for an alternative mice that is very similar in shape I would be happy to hear them.


I know this is kind of a pointless message as I am sure corsair receive lots of non sense messages about component design but it good to be optimistic!:biggrin:

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