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Commander Pro causing constant ghost unkown usb connection/disconnection


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I have a dell xps 8700 setup, and upgrading as I go. Currently got a new tower, some fans and decided to buy the commander pro.


The power supply is 450w and has 2 separate sata cables, 1 I'm using for a SSD. The other I've connected to the Commander Pro. I got 3 fans running on it at the moment.


When I plug the usb molex from the commander pro, into the usb header on the motherboard it shows up just fine in iCUE. But when I watch USBDeview, it again shows it's connected, but will also show a ghost usb connection/disconnection every so often. Generic USB hub, device type unknown. The commander pro never disconnects or reconnects, it's perfectly stable. This ghost usb only shows up when I connect the usb molex into the usb header onto the motherboard.


What could cause this and how would I fix it?

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