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So if you have been following along, in this post I added an ITX build to my 1000d. In my 680x post I mentioned some temperature concerns I had with it. Which led to my 680x. So that left me with an ITX hole in my 1000d build and a rethink on what I wanted in the build. My goals were to increase performance over what I had before, but add a little future proofing beyond the x470 chipset that was currently in it.


I had an extra 420mm radiator that I used to run in the top of the build, but couldn't figure out how to get two, while still making use of the 2x360mm radiators I had from the last rebuild. Well a new concept was born in created in the Mad Scientist part of my brain. When I flipped the top tray in the 1000d, I had a little extra space vertically. What if I could stack the radiators? How to connect them though? It occured to me that the mounts on ML fans are open to access from the sides. With the right radiator screws, I could attach a radiator at the top and bottom with the right screws. Corsair gave me the correct screws in the pump accessory kits from the XD5 and XD3. Slightly longer radiator screws than the standard radiator to tray screws. With the extra length, a small screwdriver that had a 90 degree bend, and the Fanwich was born. 3xLL140 on top of the top tray, attached to a 420mm radiator with fittings to the aft of the case. 3xML140 fans in the middle (no need for RGB here). 420mm Radiator with connections forward, then finally 3xQL140mm fans.


Build Part 3:

Ryzen 9 3900x

ASUS x570 Crosshair VIII Formula

64 GB Corsair Dominator 3466MHz

2xCrucial P1 1TB

1xSabrent 1TB

Silverstone USB3.2 Internal Connection PCIe card

2xXD5 Pump

2xXR5 420mm Radiator

1xXR5 120mm Radiator

3xXR5 360mm Radiator

10xLL120 Fans

8xQL120 Fans

3xLL140MM Fans

3xML140mm Fans

3xQL140mm Fans

1 Phantek 550mm Neon Strip (with Pirate Dog Tech Corsair Adapter)

6x Corsair RGB Strips

RTX 2070 with Waterblock

3xLighting Node Pros

1xLighting Core Pro

NZXT Internal USB Hub

3xPWM Hubs


The 120mm radiator was added to the CPU loop of 2x420mm radiators so that I would have decent connection points for the VRM watercooling access points on the ASUS motherboard. It was tricky to install it directly to the case because I kept hitting the hinge screws from the top hinge. I ended up replacing them with slightly shorter screws so that I could get the radiator installed high up in the back of the case to avoid blocking the motherboard OLED display. Getting the second fan under the radiator too some physical effort.



CPU loop with 2x420mm and 1x120mm radiators operate within 2c of ambient at load at idle, less than 1c above ambient


GPU Loop with 2x360mm radiators operates less than 2c above ambient and less than 4c above ambient at load.


Significantly improved performance and no issues at all with temps on the Fanwich.


Onto the pictures:





Initial Front and Top Radiator Placement



Final Radiator Placement and Loop Build Out



Loop Filling



Up and Running



Fergus Approved


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