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corsair material for a gift


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Good morning, everyone,


My son has been asking me for months for corsair material to build his gaming computer. And I confess I don't understand much about it, I'd like to surprise him.


I don't really have a clue what to do,and where to start. Could someone help me?



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That's a $64,000 question.


A starting point for you might be something like this:


When building a gaming computer, there are a number of different parts you need to buy.


1) A case. This is the box that all the bits sit inside.

Corsair makes many different cases so you have a choice to make here

2) A CPU. The heart of your son's gaming computer.

Corsair cannot help you here. The choice here is either INTEL, or AMD. Corsair do not make CPUs.

3) Motherboard. This is the main board that your CPU sits in, and which is mounted inside your case.

Corsair do not make motherboards, and your choice of motherboard depends on which CPU you have chosen. Populare brands of motherboards are:

ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA, MSI, ASRock.

There are other brands, but choosing any of the above 4 will probably not be a bad choice.

4) Memory, or RAM.

Corsair makes this so you can choose the Corsair brand here. In my experience all Corsair memory/RAM is good.

5) Storage / Hard Disk

Again, Corsair makes these disks and they are all good.

6) Graphics Cards

Corsair does not make graphics cards. There are 2 Graphics cards technology manufacturers to consider - AMD, and NVIDIA. The same companies mentioned above under motherboards also make Graphics cards. ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA, MSI - also Zotac and a couple of others.


7) Power supplies.

Your computer needs power. Corsair is one of the leading Power Supply Providers in the industry so I would recommend you buy a Corsair Power Supply. Your challenge is working out the best model to power the components you select so you need to solve the above questions first.


Over and above all of that comes cooling, which is where it all gets really interesting.

All of the above products get hot, and they need to be cooled (the same way you have a radiator in your car that cools the coolant to stop your car engine overheating). To help here Corasir makes a whole ecosystem:

Fans, Radiators, tubing, fittings, fan controllers, all sorts of other stuff.



In short, there is no magic 3 minute answer to your question. You have to learn a LOT of things.


Feel free to come back here with more questions, the wealth of knowledge here is very good.


This can be a very satisfying ride and one and that the folks here will help you with.


General tip - Specific, targeted questions are easiest to answer, but understanding that its not always easy to know the right questions to ask.

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