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I am wondering why after the years of concerns why this product is still being sold? I bought one from gamestop and it does nothing but double click every 10 or so clicks. I have tried everything from the mouses programs and such to fix as some worked for others online. None of these worked for me. So here I am now with this double click mouse. I was granted a product return for this mouse. But why would I want another mg65 that i just paid around 50 or so bucks for to have another come to me double clicking? Why is this product still on the market?


I am actually curious has this thing has not been pulled till firmware or what ever can be fixed? I program I code for my work. When i click on a line of code to continue it and my mouse decides it wants to double click and i think it only clicks once and erases 12000 lines of code it is a dang problem. I am just shocked this product a known defective product is still allowed to be pushed. Any suggestions how i should handle this as i dont mind sending the thing back to exchange but i do not want the same mouse nor can i return it without going to buy a mouse while i wait which makes me want to just go buy a logitech or something cause i cant do the downtime from work.

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