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TWINX512-3200XL SS or DS?


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I'm assembling a system with a GigaByte GA-K8N Ultra-9 board and a TWINX512-3200XL pack of 2 matched CMX256-3200XL's, or perhaps CMX256A-3200XL's.


If I understand the (somewhat limited) PDF data sheet for the CMX256A-3200XL correctly, these should be single sided DIMMs (8 - 32MB x 8 chips).


But I can't find a data sheet for the CMX256-3200XL, and there's every reason to believe that the A designation signifies some difference, more than likely the chip used.


So the question is, what do I get when my TWINX512-3200XL pack shows up tomorrow, single sided or double sided DIMMs? It's perfectly reasonable to expect that older TWINX packs might be around, depending on Corsair's sales volume, and even more so that Spartan might have sent me an older pack. If the non-A DIMMs were double sided, I might be out of luck, yes?


Obviously, I want SS modules, so the bus will be happy at DDR400 with the 90nm Winchester 3200+ core.


Could you also let me know what chips are on board, whatever version I might receive?



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