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Possible bad DIMM?


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Hello all. I am certain that y'all will be able to help, so in return I'll attempt to make this as easy as possible on you. Here we go ...


I recently built a new machine. Right off the bat, the thing was acting squirrelly (which is to be expected), but subsequent driver updates, patches, and BIOS tweaks did little to help the matter. It was time to start troubleshooting.


RAM was the first suspect, so per instruction via other posts, I pulled all four sticks, inserted one in slot 1, and ran Memtest86. I ran Memtest for a minimum of 15 passes on each stick, with some of them being run for over 30. I used Memtest 1.51, which is built into the DFI BIOS. Pertinent bits, results, and notes follow:


DFI LanParty nF4 Ultra-d mobo

BIOS 3/10

VS1GBKIT400 memory (2 kits - 4 VS512MB400 sticks)






When stressing single sticks, all of the BIOS settings were set to AUTO or DFI defaults with the exception of voltage, which was set at 2.8 (when running all four banks DFI recommends upping the voltage 2.8 and running the thing at 2T - Needless to say, I forgot to drop the voltage prior to Memtesting the sticks). Yes, I dropped the timing to 1T :D


At this point, stick 302583 seems to be the problem child. All of the others ran without incident, but good ol' 583 repeatedly failed on test #5 (the Block move - 64 moves test), with the errant bit being the 4th one from the right.


For the heck of it, I dropped the voltage to 2.6, installed DIMMS 580 and 581 in slots 2 & 4, and tested them in dual channel mode overnight (14 passes) - No errors. I'll set 581 and 582 to run the same way before I go to work today, and suspect (hope) that they'll also run glitch-free.


At this point I am wholly open to suggestion, so what do y'all think?




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For the record, testing sticks 580/581 in tandem generated no errors after 14 passes, and the 580/582 combo ran cleanly for 30 passes! Yes, methinks 583 is the dud.


Now for my question - Do I RMA the one stick or the entire 2-stick kit? Truth be told, since I know the other 3 sticks are good, I would prefer to keep them and just return the faulty one ... That is, unless the replacement DIMM won't play nice with the older stick from the original kit.


So RAM Guy, what do you think - Should I return both of them (if this is even an option), or just the one?


Once again, it's a VS512MB400 serial # 783-0513111-0-302583.





P.S. - Just how many of you RAM Guys are there? Surely one person doesn't handle all of this.

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