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K55 RGB records macros on its own


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I am currently using the K55 RGB gaming keyboard.

Everything was running smoothly until two days ago: while typing or even without touching the keyboard random characthers would appear on the document I was working on, or on search bars; and not just random characthers, also actions related to the F1-F12 keys, (I suspect it also affects mouse clicking, but I'm not sure), without me touching anything.


Someone told me to check the macros on the iCUE, and there sure was a huge list of programmed actions, but I never programmed them.

I deleted them, but they keep happening.


The same friend told me to keep an eye on th MR button on the top of the keyboard, and I noticed it, at random times and on its own, would start blinking away and then stops; a while later there would be a recorded macros list on the iCUE.


I tried uninstalling iCUE and reinstalling it, deleting my default profile and creating a new one, but nothing helps.


I am currently doing home office and this really has an impact on my job.


If someone could help me I would be very very grateful.




P.S.: I had to spell check this multiple times beacause this problem makes things barely unreadable, full of typos.

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