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H100i RGB PLATINUM - Issues w/ the RGB Lighting


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I've had this computer built for 1.5 years now and just about a month ago my RGB lighting on the pump went haywire. Its brightness is very low now and just emits red while on "Spiral Rainbow." If I choose a solid color, some will appear (at the same low light level) outside of red but others won't. Incidentally, my first RAM module seems to have the same issue or sometimes the RGB on it never even turns on. That one, however, started exhibiting that problem about 5 months ago.





I was wondering if there are any known troubleshooting tricks to get the RGB working as intended again for both of these devices or if the more likely scenario is that the RGB died on both. In that case, my warranty through Newegg should still be good but I don't want to go through an RMA before trying a couple possible fixes first.

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