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H100i CPU temp too high?


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Hi all


I just recently (<1week) built a new rig and I think my cpu is running too hot on idle 40-60 Celsius.


At first I had installed a bunch of software that was giving me issues: Link4, iCLUE, NZXT CAM, MSI Afterburner, HWMonitor, etc and now I am just using iCLUE+MSI Afterburner+HWMonitor.


Weirdly enough I have similar cpu temperature while playing call of duty. Attached images of idle and cod.


On my asus board I originally had the pump connect to the AIO pump header which was giving me cpu fan errors. I moved it the cpu fan header and that went away.


Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nF8HTC


Things I tried:

1. Applied new thermal paste (not much changed)

2. Used icue to set fans+pump to max

3. Bios cpu fan set to %100


Any ideas?


TLDR: cpu temp on h100i is 40-60 degrees C on idle and while playing Call of duty


Thanks for any help or suggestion in advance!



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