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WTF Are Patch Notes? Nobody likes blind updates!


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I just got a new motherboard and fans about 2 months ago, and started with the ICue software. It's pretty great. About a month ago there was an update, no info on what changed... I came to these forums, and first post is "Where are the patch notes" with many replies.


No patch notes.


I see about 3 or 4 different threads about the last new update causing issues for some people. Why update when nobody knows what is added. I figured 'maybe their workers are working from home due to Covid19, forgot them this release' etc. I updated so I'd stop getting the notification to update.


Today, new version 3.29.110 out. No info about it. Come here, no patch notes. I see a couple threads already about certain functionality being lost etc. Still no notes.



You guys are high-end hardware, and have great quality. Why is the software team hurting the Corsair name? It'd literally take 5 minutes "here's what this version changes". If you guys are working from home and able to update the software, surely one of you can put a quick 10 line patch notes together.



C'mon guys, please post patch notes.

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