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ML120 Pro LED low RPM down to 0


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Hello Corsair community


So I build a PC about 2 months ago and installed a ML120 PRO red LED as exhaust fan on the back of my case. I am not sure if i haven't noticed before or it happened recently but the fan spin at normal speed, i'd say between 1250-1600 RPM depending on system temperature, however, recently I noticed that after 1-2 hours of using the PC from boot, that fan slows down to a point where i can see the blades. and when i look at hwinfo64, which i runs all the time to track temperatures, it showed min value = 0 RPM. I also want to mention that after a few minutes 2-3 max, the fan start speeding up again to normal operation speed. After that it rarely slows down again or sometimes won't even happen anymore. It seem very weird.

As additional info I have it plugged on a default DC header on my motherboard but running as PWM as it is 4 pin fan.(Motherboard is a MSI Z390 Gaming Plus). I also tried to have it run in DC mode with smart fan on and off as well and even then it did slows down like I mentioned above. If anyone can tell me if that fan can even go below 200 RPM because in my case it did and even lower to 0 RPM as I said. or it can go that low due to being PWM?


I hope someone can answer me


Thanks in advance

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