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Corsair Dark Core Mouse Bull


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I am frustrated, irritated and confused. I have just acquired a new Corsair Dark Core Mouse. There is minimal instruction included both the included stuff and the downloadable 'Quick Start' document shows features lacking in my mouse. The diagram shows the RHS removable grip giving access to a wireless receiver which is not present on my mouse! Also, the LED colours and function charts are not consistent with those on my mouse.

The mouse is sold as a wired or wireless mouse but it's not really a wired mouse, is it? I’m not sure but my one won't work switched off so using it wired will still run down the internal battery, negating one of the ‘wired’ advantages!

The ICUE software often cannot find my device (mouse) at all! Then when it does and I try to use it to configure the mouse it often crashes!

I am seriously considering a refund and reusing my old rock-solid £15 Chinese unpronounceable brand, which looks prettier than the Corsair and runs fine. Its literature was impenetrable and highly amusingly written but it sadly lacks the 2 side finger rests which was the reason I got the Corsair mouse !!

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