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Hardware preset actions on Scimitar Pro and Light Settings on Void Pro concurrently


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Hello this is my first post here. I am having a problem with iCue in general. Here is the problem:


- "Hardware actions need to be saved to the device and are active when iCue is not running"


I have some hardware actions setup on my Scimitar Pro Mouse and now I am only able to use them when iCue is closed. The problem is that I also have a Void Pro Wireless Headset with some lighting settings which only run when iCue is running. So I can no longer have both settings running at the same time with this new iCue update.


If I have iCue running, I am not able to use my Hardware Actions / Macros from my mouse but, my headset lighting effects run as I configured them. If I close iCue, my Hardware actions/macros work as I configured them but, my headset only flashes all rainbow colors (which heavily reduces the battery of the headset therefore I need to recharge it frequently).


As I said above, this started happening with this new iCue update. Is there something I can do to fix this or will it maybe be fixed on the next iCue update? I haven't seen any post regarding this but, I can't be the only one facing this issue, therefore, I created an account and submitted this post lol


Please help me :)

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