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H150i PRO XT pump noise


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I have bought H150i PRO XT with intension to use it in a very quiet system.

In lates iCUE software possible profiles for pump speed are:


Extreme: 2700 RPM

Balanced: 2300 RPM

Quiet: 2000 RPM


In Extreme and Balanced modes pump working with very noticeable low-frequency noise, which is the loudest in the whole case build, with AIO in front.

In Quiet mode the low-frequency noise is less, but still noticeable.


Custom profiles are not working with pump. Changing pump settings in BIOS (ASUS TUF GAMING X570-Plus) also had no result.


As i see, the previous model, H150i PRO, has a speed of 1500 RPM in Quiet mode. I think that will be enough for my build.


Is it possible to reduce pump speed to the level less than 2000 RPM?



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All of the Corsair AIO coolers use fixed pumps along 1-3 presets. The 2000 rpm min on the XT and Platinum coolers was added later. The original low speed was the around 2400.


What you are describing is similar to other users on both coolers that experience the bubbles 'gurgling' only on that lowest speed. Presumably there isn't enough head pressure to push them out of the block and you get the static pops or gurgles. It does not affect all users. You can try and work it out by tilting/tipping the case to get the inlet/outlet tubes higher than the block. This is best done on the highest speed. If the case is a bit unwieldy, you may need to take it out and try it either powered off or with the 24 pin jumper in for SATA power to the unit. Or just use the medium speed. It may work itself out in time.

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