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Hardware Lighting just for the inner ring (LL140)


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Hello, I recently discovered that I can also use iCUE software with my LL140 fans.


I'm only interested to use Hardware Lighting effects, because it looks great when booting up the system (I don't really like default rainbow effect).


And I only want to use inner ring lights, without any light effects on outer ring.


How can I set up rainbow wave effect just for 4 center lights (inner ring only) in Hardware Lighting?



I was using LINK software before, and I see that there is an option to use rainbow wave in inner ring only, it's possible by selecting RGB ML Fan option and choosing only 1 fan.


When I'm applying RGB ML Fan setting to 2 fans, the outer ring of 1st fan start to emit rainbow wave effect, but my 2nd fan not emit any effects.


And so with RGB ML Fan option I can only use inner ring rainbow wave effect only in 1st fan, the second fan is not emitting any light effects :(



I'm interested to have inner ring rainbow wave effect on 2 fans, when Corsair software is closed, how can I achieve that?


Thank you so much in advance for help.

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I don't think you will be able to manage this. To add/remove lights from the sequence requires the program to adjust its timing and patterns and it needs the software to do that You are not able to remove LEDs in HW mode for preset patterns or static.


What you were doing before was deliberately altering the lighting sequence. A LL fan is 16 LEDs. The ML is 4. So it only lit 4 - the first 4 and that's it. This also has consequences for your software use as well.

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Thank you c-attack for the answer and for letting me know how it works.


I was trying to set up desirable effect in iCUE, but I discovered that 4 inner ring LED rainbow wave looks different in iCUE that ML Fan rainbow wave from LINK.


So I decided to stay with LINK after all and use ML Fan effects (I think they looks better, even when they are designed for another fan).


I'm thinking that the only way to set up my favourite effect (ML rainbow wave for 4 LEDs) for the second LL fan that I have is to somehow use second fan as LED Channel #2.


But I don't know how to do it, should I buy another RGB Lighting Hub and connect it differently if I want to connect second fan as LED Channel #2?


Thank you in advance if you have any ideas.

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