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Hello Everyone, I recently got a Corsair K70 Mk 2 and I am loving it. The only issue I am currently having is that there is a space bar rattle on the right side of the key.


Here is the link of it below:




Please let me know if there is any way to fix it.

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Use the key puller from the kit and gently remove the space bar, then remount. Sometimes it isn't on perfectly coming out of the factory. That said, the space bar is longest key and will always be the noisiest.

Thanks for the reply but I have taken on and off the space bar multiple times and it still sounds like this.

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I don't know. If you google around a bit, you will find others that don't like the spacebar stabilizer or "rattle" either. I have been using these boards for quite a while and have adapted how hard I strike it - at least while typing. My delete key is a bit louder than I like as well. Whether or not these are things that would change if you swapped it for a new one are uncertain. If you have friendly exchange options, it may be worth it. If you really want to decrease key noise you might consider the low profile version of the K70 MK.2, but it's not for everyone.
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the k95 has serious space bar issues as well mine was sticking down due to

the stabilizers on both sides of the actual SB switch.i RMA the first one and

in 3 weeks the second one started doing it as well.i have a fix in these forums

i believe will fix your issue and also avoid the sticky space bar issue that seems

could be in your future.its called k95 sticky spacebar fix.its now a great keyboard

but for 180.00 this issue should not exist.i was told by corsair that the issue had been

addressed with the k100(little help to me)so im guessing that applies to the new lesser

models as well.might want to consider returning and purchasing the newer model.

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