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Issu's I have with the current state of iCue (sorry for the rant)


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To Corsair,


I think iCUE is currently the best software to control RGB components. The custimization options and SDK enabling us to use awesome apps like RGBeat is just great. However, there are a few things missing... I know these are widely discussed topics but I just can't understand why you are not willing to improve your software making it way better by adding the following features:


1: ASUS aRGB support. I know that this might be more diffucult to implement than 12v RGB, but it would be very much worth it and very beneficial for both ASUS, Corsair and most definitly: The consumer! Icue is the perfect platform to break the boundries between the different RGB control hardware providers.


2: Let us please monitor our corsair devices with apps like HWInfo. This way we can set up our own monitoring display (i'm using Rainmeter) instaid of using the very limited Corsair Dashboard (which is useless in the current state, I can't even put it on my second screen or on the desktop). Just add a toggle in iCUE to control only the RGB to keep Corsair from messing up HWInfo and disconnection my Devices. Again, consumer choice will make your product better, which means more people will probably use it.


Last but not least I am wondering if the SDK will be updated any time soon? The QL fans have been on the marked for more than 6 months and they are still not in the SDK?!


Please Corsair, don't be like Apple trapping us in your ecosystem on an open platform that is Custom build PC's. Half of my PC is Corsair and I'm am very happy with your poducts! but for some devices/software I like to make different choices...

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