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VS512MB DDR400 in Asus K8V SE Deluxe


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I have two sticks of VS 512MB DDR400 which I am running in an Asus K8V SE Deluxe MB with an A64 3200+. Asus reccommends using Dimm1 & 3 or Dimm 2 and 3 for two sticks with this Mbd. I have tried both combinations.


Everything in the Asus bios is "Default" "Standard" and "Auto", which is the slowest settings. Voltage is also "auto" and I can't check it (don't know which SW to use).


The K8V is running the A64 at 200Mhz x 11, the RAM at DDR400, CAS 2.5-3-3-8. This memory will fail Memtest 86+ (v1.55) getting errors in Tests 3,5 & 8, about 3-5 errors per pass. (Note that with recent Memtest 86 plus versions some of the test numbers run a different test than they used to).


The locations of the errors are pretty random, with some concentrations at 300MB, 500MB, 800MB (approximately), so both sticks are failing.


I used PCWiz to look at the SPD for this memory (because it makes a clear distinction between the current setting and what is written in the SPD), and the SPD says, "Corsair VS512MB400", Serial Number "unspecified", Supported Frequencies "200 Mhz" CAS 2.5 clocks @ 200 Mhz, tRCD 3 clocks, tRP 3 clocks, TRas 8 clocks.


I slowed the memory down to DDR400, CAS 2.5-4-3-8, using the Mushkin suggestion of using 1 step higher tRCD. This reduced the errors, but I still get random errors, mostly in test 5.


I ran test 5 (Block move, 64 moves) repeatedly with these slower settings, and I got 6 errors in 29 passes, three at 808MB, three at 824MB.


I have tried this memory in an albatron kx600 mbd, also at ddr400, with similiar failures.


I am concerned with these results, because it seems like there is *no* extra cushion built into this memory. In the past, I always found that *all* corsair memory would run at least 2-5% faster than the stock specification, so I should be able to boost the fsb to (say) 204 without getting errors. If I try that, I get hundreds of errors, even at fsb 202/ddr404.


I am wondering if DDR400 memory is so hard to build that even Corsair is having trouble making spec.? I know you don't have problems getting 10% and higher overclocks from your XMS DDR400 memory, but it used to be that even VS (PC2700) was much better than average memory.


I have some generic (cheap pcb) memory, CAS 3.0,m with samsung TCCC chips (not the best Samsung), that runs in the K8V CAS 2.5-3-3-6 without problems at fsb210, ddr220. I also have some Geil Cas2 which runs without errors at FSB220 / DDR440 in this MBd, so I don't think it is a MBd timing or quality issue.


What is going on? Is this a bad lot? Do I have to run Cas3.0? Do I have to slow other timings even more than the spd recommends? Sould I do an RMA?


Also, the chips on this memory are VS32M8-5 PS1300505. Is this micron memory chips, like your advertising says it is supposed to be, or has somebody in mfg been cutting corners?




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  • Corsair Employees


First thing, lets try replacing your module.

Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!


And with reguards to the IC used, we do not specify anywhere what IC is used with our Value Select.

"Value Select modules are built with RAMs that are procured at the wafer level and are packaged and tested to our specifications. As such, they are not available as individual ICs, only as modules. This approach allows us to ship product with very good performance characteristics, low product cost, and a very low return rate."


Of course there is always the chance that a module will fail and we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our modules. and the average turn around time is about 7-10 days depending how you ship them to us and where you are. All RMA's are exchanged for new modules so there is little chance that you would get a bad module but it does happen and our return rate is less than .2% and most of the returned modules about 60-80% test with no problem so usually the problem would not be the memory. However, lets try replacing your module and see what happens.

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Ram Guy,


1) Thanks for your prompt response to my rather lengthy post. Your offer to replace the *apparently* defective memory helped me relax and work through the problem. As you might have noticed, I was pretty frustrated in my previous post.


2) Your offer to replace my module made me think, because I have two modules, "Which module?" From your suggestions in other postings I decided to test the modules one at a time.


3) I discovered that, although the memory SPD specifies 2.5-2-2-8, the K8v was setting tRAS=6 when I used "Auto" settings. I had to set the value manually to 8, and things got better.


How can the SPD say "tRAS=8" (which I verified) and the mother board sets, "tRas=6"??? I should have been cursing Asus, not Corsair!


4) I discovered that I had left RAM Volts=2.7 from testing other memory before I installed the Corsair. Also, this is consistent with many recommendations you make to other people with problems to *increase* their RAM voltage. But the SPD says 2.5. Turns out if I set 2.6, the lowest in the Asus AMI bios, things get *better*!!! If I set "Auto", the K8v gets things right and sets Volts=2.5, and things improve again.


So, with VS memory, (at least with the pcb and chip combination I have), lower volts = higher fsb and fewer errors. I have never seen this in any of the overclockers forums, although I have seen fsb max out at with max volts 2.7v. Maybe a heat problem?? Pbobably not -- I touched the ram and it never got much more than slightly warm during memtest at 2.7v.


5) I tested single sticks in different DIMM slots. The DIMM slots perform equally, so that isn't a problem.


6) Net result: Stick 1 has zero Memtest errors at DDR430 :biggrin: , CAS 2.5-3-3-8, 2.5v. Stick #2 has zero Memtest errors at DDR425 :biggrin: , CAS 2.5-3-3-8. This is down from hundreds of errors at DDR404.


7) Obviously, I can't in conscience return either module. This is excellent performance for RAM in this price range, which is what I expected from Corsair!!


8) I think I was right that Corsair would have problems selling ram that would not run without error at FSB405 or so. There just has to be some headroom for case temperature, mbd timing, etc.


9) As you pointed out, I was wrong about the micron chips, not only with the VS but possibly with all Corsair memory. I was confusing you with the other C guys, who are owned by Micron.


10) Now I have to run both sticks at once to determine whether they will work together.


11) I wish I could delete my survey. But I really wanted to know if this was a major manufacturing problem or just me.


Thanks again for your assistance,


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