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New cage for Corsair Void RGB wireless headset?


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The battery in my Corsair headset appears to be about dead - it'd gotten to the stage that pulling out the micro USB connection for the headset caused a low battery warning soon afterwards. (After seconds)


It's out of warranty - the shop I bought it in closed more than 2 years ago and I got it a while before that.


I have found somewhere that claims to sell batteries - I know Corsair aren't keen on selling batteries - but the problem is that the battery currently in there (I've taken it apart) appears to be wedged into the cage and slightly bloated.


Lithium batteries being what they are, I'm not keen on prying it out. (To be fair, I'm not overly keen on keeping it in it's current form, either)


It'd like to get it back up and running - the rest of the headset itself isn't damaged - although the warranty is now obviously voided - and I do like the headset. It's got a nice wireless range, I can mute the microphone and it just works. Dumping it because of the battery does feel like a bit of a waste.


Is there any way I can get a replacement frame to hold the battery?

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