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I have never hated a keyboard and mouse this much


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This K57 wireless keyboard and Ironclaw RGB mouse have me about ready to throw them both in the trash.


I've never had a Corsair keyboard or mouse before. All the reviews were glowing, so I decided to try it. I've always hated, hated, HATED being forced to use proprietary software to have peripheral devices work, mainly because the software is always a headache. Icue has lived up to this and more.


1) The mouse buttons wouldn't save macros in any game I was playing right out of the box. I had to comb these forums to dig out ancient firmware to find an old version that works. Strike 1.


2) The keyboard has obnoxious 8-key select rollover, which means it's constantly missing keystrokes if I'm pressing keys too fast. Strike 2.


3) The keyboard cuts out in wireless mode *constantly* despite a full charge. Strike 3.


4) The mouse will not, and has never, worked in wireless mode. Strike 4.


5) Icue, of any version, including the latest I just downloaded a moment ago, will not let me update the mouse firmware. It insists that I plug in the USB cable. See number 3 above. The mouse has never NOT been plugged in via USB cable. Icue itself displays "Ironclaw Wireless USB Mode" right under devices, and it's telling me to plug in the USB cable. I've unplugged it, plugged it back in, it's directly in the back of the motherboard, and since the mouse literally cannot function wirelessly, and I'm using it, clearly the USB cable and ports are functional. Strike 5.


6) Icue, again, of any version, including the latest, will not let me update the keyboard firmware either. It insists that the dongle needs to be plugged in. As I can unplug the cable right now and the keyboard continues to work (although poorly, and intermittently), it can only do so through the very much plugged in dongle. Again, right in the back of the motherboard. Again, unplugged many times. Strike 6.


Complete nightmare. What am I supposed to do here? I can't update Icue, it's already at the latest version. My devices won't work consistently, and I can't update any of them because Icue can't seem to properly understand that they're plugged in.


I will not buy peripherals from Corsair again. Ever.

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Yes, I suppose that's fair. Just saying that I've been using computer keyboards for over 25 years and I'm pretty sure that none of them have been mechanical since the first few, and I didn't even know what 8 key rollover was until I had this one and had to figure out why my keyboard couldn't keep up with me.


That seems ridiculous. It's not well suited for typing, because it's missing my keystrokes, and it's not well suited for gaming, because it's missing my keystrokes. I've used two dozen Logitech/Microsoft membrane keyboards over the years and never experienced this issue.


What's really bothering me is that I spent $100 on a keyboard that doesn't seem nearly worth that price. I trusted Corsair because of good experiences with their non-peripheral products, but this has been ridiculous. Tons of posts on here are of similar issues. This has persisted for me across two systems.


I know I can contact customer support about the Icue issues, but my beef here is that I should not have to contact anyone about issues, because computer peripherals should just *work* like they have from every other manufacturer I've ever had from from since 1995. Especially at this price point.

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Likewise I’ve been using and buying keyboards for 25 years (I’m 40 and started early...) and have just bought my first piece of Corsair colouring equipment.


From someone who came from building my own PCs back in the 1990s, I had high hopes because of the reputation of Corsair.


What could possibly go wrong? I was spending a lot of money on a high end keyboard. I threw away my packaging.


This keyboard simply isn’t fit for purpose. It DOESN’T WORK! How can you sell a keyboard that simply misses keys when you type quickly?


What do I do about this?


Previous commenter said “fair enough”. No. It’s absolutely not an acceptable response to say “you knew this was a membrane keyboard when you bought it”.


It fails to function.


It is a design fault.


I have wasted £79 and quite a bit of time bot being able to type properly over the last few months. Can’t handle this kind of response. Not okay.

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