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There is no way to slow down the fans, Profiles not working


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I installed two LL140 fans yesterday with Lighting Node PRO, step by step with the manual.


I wanted to replace my stock Fractal Design fans that came with the R6 case (mostly because of the lighting effect and I thought that Corsair will be quiter).


But how surprised I was when I discovered how loud LL140 fans are!


Honestly now I can hear my PC from the second room while doors are closed.


But what is very irritating, is that I have my PC on my desk and I'm working from home (8-10 hours a day) and I cannot stand that noise :(


I tried to work with ear plugs (designed for sleeping during travelling) but even with ear plugs I heard that Corsair LL140 noise.



Anyway to the point... I installed LINK software today, I change Performance profile to Quiet, and it make not even a slight change.


These profiles are not working at all, there is 1300 rpm all the time.


I make screenshots to show the LINK software in action, here is the Performance mode:



Here is the Quiet mode (20 minutes after changing the profile to Quiet):



Fans 1 & 2 are Corsair LL140 fans, Fans 3, 4 and 5 are BeQuiet Silent Wings 3



I would be very grateful is somebody could help me with making LL140 fans quiter, I'm not sure why this LINK software is not working.


I can configure LED colours without any problem, this feature is working fine.


I check the updates, but it seems that no new update is available:




Thank you in advance if anybody can reply :)


Have a great rest of the Sunday.

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I want to update this thread and inform that my issue is solved.


LINK software still cannot control the fans speed and profiles are not working at all, but I managed to slow down the fans in BIOS, in MSI motherboard settings.


I change DC to PWM and reduce speed from 1300 rpm to 850 rpm, and now they are really quiet and my PC case is cold inside.


I'm satisfied with the change, at first they were working loud like a small vacuum cleaner and now they are silent.


I still hear them and they are a bit louder than BeQuiet Silent Wings 3, even with the exactly same speed, but I'm glad that I bought them.

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